About Odaamarket

Welcome to Yuniversal marketing plc

Our company is led by staffs that have experience in bank, credit and global trade or brokerage focused hedge funds, academic excellence in the fields of mathematics, economics, the physical sciences or engineering and experienced with global capital markets and credit derivatives.

Odaamarket.com is one part of Universal Marketing Plc

Understanding of economics and accounting, with a working knowledge of economic and accounting principles and practices, banking, financial markets and working with financial information

We consider customer service skills, including meeting customer needs, working with standard office machinery, and offering quality standards of service and evaluating customer satisfaction in a timely and professional manner, despite the fast-paced environment.

We are always updating with the new philosophies of marketing like societal marketing and customer relationship management.

Why you choose us

  • Training
  • Short message service
  • ICT service
  • Advertising and printing
  • Selling Service
  • Security Service
  • Finance and Accountants
  • Cleaning service


To become leading company in marketing service by using latest philosophy of marketing by the year of 2025.


 We are dedicated to provide quality and just in time service to our customers by using a qualified, experienced, self motivated and well trained employees in order to create values to our customers and stakeholders.


  • Our first objective is to satisfy customers.
  • We are committed change management and organizations views and their environment by delivering training and consulting services.
  • We focus in team work environment.
  • Strategic Business Objectives
  • Our strategic Objective is to achieve sustainable business growth together with profit  by using different business strategies.

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